“I knew we were on to something big when our first customer almost broke down

in tears when she heard how myMAR would be able to help her dad.”

Bob Gable, Co-Founder and CEO of myMAR, LLC


                             My Medication Administration Reminder (myMAR)

myMAR is dedicated to helping you or someone you care about better manage medication administration.  Everything we do is driven by one simple desire: self-medication at the right time. Taking your medications at the right time can potentially help you reduce unplanned doctor visits, prevent emergency hospital admissions, control lost time from work, and decrease your health care cost.

Achieving wellness is a complex process and requires individuals to accurately follow their physician’s or health care provider’s medication plan.  The National Institute of Health defines “medical adherence” as the degree of patient compliance with medical providers’ recommendations about the daily timing, dosage and frequency of medication. 

The World Health Organization has declared Medication non-adherence an epidemic. Last year approximately 125,000 individuals lost their lives due to this issue.  In addition it is estimated that between 130 to 300 billion dollars is added to national health care cost each year from non-adherence.



We provide Medication Reminders for “Once a Day”, “Twice a Day”, and “Multiple Times a Day”. Realizing that some customer’s require an expanded reminder system; we offer a customized reminder plan. A form is provided so that you can customize reminders to match your specific needs.  Additional reminders for example could include, meal times, testing blood sugar levels, fulfilling shopping needs, laundry, trash removal, or fluid intake.  Your needs are our opportunity to serve you better! 

Our Advisory Board allows us to be cognizant of process improvements from a medical and business perspective.  We want to have a long lasting relationship with you and will continue to keep our services current with medical trends, customer requests, and technology.