Day of Surgery Cancellation (DOSC)


DOSCs Impact Revenue Stream

Last-minute surgery cancellations and patient no-shows cost hospitals millions of dollars each year, according to a study presented at the American Society of Anesthesiologists' annual conference.

...327 surgeries overall—were cancelled, costing the medical center nearly $1 million (Single year cost). - retrieved Advisory Board, Daily Briefing

Studies have shown that preoperative visits help reduce DOSCs. Researchers recommend performing preoperative visits with all patients. In the study, only 4% of surgeries where patients had a preoperative clinic visit with an anesthesiologist were cancelled. In comparison, 11% of surgeries where patients did not have a preoperative visit were cancelled. - retrieved Advisory Board, Daily Briefing


We dared to dream of even greater success and efficiency.


  • Each patient receiving preoperative time and date reminders. 
  • All transportation issues have been addressed.
  • Instructional videos helping the patient understand their responsibilities being available from their phone.
  • Medication reminders for taking or discontinuing medication administration that prevent DOSCs.
  • Interactive preoperative communication between the patient and your Healthcare System via text, phone, or email.
 Now Imagine that your valuable staff is not making phone calls all day

Now imagine what you can do with the money that you used to loose.


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