FAQs for Individuals

+ What is the difference between the Annual and Monthly payment plan?

The Annual payment plan is the best bargain. There is an economy of scale from the reduced billing effort and we pass the savings on to our consumers. Overall the Monthly payment plan is more expensive, but it requires less out of pocket money on monthly basis for our customers. The Monthly plan is better suited for individuals working with a monthly budget.

+ Can I use Flexible Spending Account money to pay for the service?

Yes, you will need a “Letter of Necessity” from your Health Care Provider to justify the purchase.

+ Have the Reminder Services been tested?

Delivery tests are conducted daily to insure that reminders are being delivered on time every day. Two Pilot programs have been conducted, with each program surpassing the program goals.

+ What age group is best suited for the Reminder Services?

Our customer population is very diverse from an age perspective. Our clients include young women who are worried about Birth Control Pill management, individuals of any age with chronic conditions, the elderly, and individuals desiring weight management support.

+ Where is the service available?

The service is nationwide. Information about your time zone will be requested when you make a purchase.

+ Is this service covered by my insurance?

This service is not covered by all insurance companies. Please consult with your Health Insurance provider. You can also use Flexible Spending Account money for this service. Ask your Doctor for a letter of necessity.

+ What if I do not like the service?

We offer a risk free money back guarantee for the first ten days. We would request that you tell us what you did not like about the service; as we view your dissatisfaction as an opportunity to improve our services.

+ What information do you need?

When you place an order you will be requested to fill out a form that is specific to the service you requested.

+ Can I purchase this for my parents?

Yes, there are many long distance caregivers who have found our services to be beneficial to them. Our reminder services make an excellent gift. There are privacy laws that we must abide by, so we will need permission granted to us before we can send them messages.

+ How do you keep your service current?

We are constantly researching medication adherence trends and techniques. Consultations with our Medical Advisory Board take place monthly and we travel across the country to attend conferences on Healthcare Innovations.

+ What if I need more information?

Please feel free to contact us at info@mymar with your question.

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