Healthcare Systems FAQs

+ How can the reminders reduce Healthcare Cost?

Our reminder services promote chronic condition prevention, healthy living, medication adherence and patient education. Our services are quickly becoming a best practice tool for reducing the readmission rates and surgical risk factors; mandated by the CMS. This will result in lower health care cost and avoidance of CMS penalties.
As an employer reductions in Absenteeism and Presenteeism will also provide positive outcomes in profitability.

+ How does the service work?

Our medication administration reminder service distributes messages to clients by text, phone, email or video links. If so desired the messages can be setup to be interactive with your Case Management teams. The transmission format and time of message(s) are controlled by your Healthcare System. The service is integrated with your Electronic Health Record system so that it is safe and secure behind your firewalls.

+ How difficult is the implementation?

Our platform is operational and can be providing reminder messages to your patients and employees in as few as 20 days of receiving a Purchase Order. Once we have completed a system assessment we will be able to give you an accurate timeline. The system is flexible and scalable and will be providing a very quick return on investment.

+ Where is the service available?

The service is nationwide. Time zone adjustments can be made to suit your needs if necessary.

+ Can the results be validated?

Yes, tell us what measurement points you would like to track and we will provided support for your analysis.

+ Is your system multilingual?

Yes, we can have messages developed for any language desired.

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