How it Works



Clients choose a monthly subscription or save money by purchasing the annual subscription service. With the appropriate service selected, an order form will appear on screen to enter reminder time details. Our platform allows customer's the opportunity to select whether they receive their messages by Phone, Text, or Email. Once the reminder time(s) and communication method are in place; your message service will begin the following day. Purchases made on Saturday will start on Monday.



Available Options


We offer the following enhancements:

  • Non-English Reminders (Tell us the language that you need)
  • Video Links
  • Interactive Communication (Contact us for a quote)



What you will be able to do with the money you save from:

  • Smaller cash outlay for  deductibles
  • Less trips to the Emergency Room
  • Fewer hospital admissions
  • Possibly needing less medications
  • Reduced medical supplies


Enjoy financial benefits by improving your healthcare and wellness efforts!

Healthier = Wealthier


Contact us today to learn more about supporting your wellness efforts.

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