Employee wish list…

As our business continues to identify and expand into new markets the need for a detailed growth plan has moved to the top of the “Things To Do” list. Realizing that our employees, both current and future will be the biggest and best asset that myMAR, LLC will ever have, we began to brainstorm.  Our requirements are simple, but appeared to be hard to meet. Our list was this: Critical Thinkers; Driven; Willing to improve and expand their skillset; Dependable and Focused on results instead of excuses. As I looked at these qualities one person came to mind. Many years ago when I was in High School and computers were massive machines that an individual could not afford or place in their homes.  There was a young lady who got an A+ on her term paper. The paper was typed on a typewriter and spell checking was a manual process.  As the teacher bragged about this paper; she mentioned that there were no grammar or punctuation errors. She said that without any hesitation that this was the best paper she had ever graded in regards to content and quality. I’m sure some folks are saying so what is so spectacular about that. The reason I was so impressed with this is that the young lady was blind and she did the paper all by herself.  Apparently this left a lasting impression and upon further reflection; was the stimulus for me to visit the Blind Industries & Services of Maryland. 

I would like to thank Maurice Peret and Anica Zlotescu for being gracious hosts and providing me with an extraordinary tour of Blind Industries & Services of Maryland facility.  The focus of my visit was to gain knowledge about Blind workers. Knowing the employee characteristics my company was in quest of; I was eager to see if this would be a good resource for future employees. The most impressive thought that I left with is that they train people to be critical thinkers. I was able observe their training classes and see the results in action as I walked out onto the factory floor and office areas.  I can happily say that the skills and attributes that my company seeks in employees match with the individuals that I was able to meet.  I would encourage any business owner to stop over and tour the Blind Industries & Services of Maryland facility.